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Thread: 2 Virtual Brains...

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    2 Virtual Brains...

    I have a question about the virtual brain functionality, when using 2 brains.

    I have 2 fusion brains setup. I'm using the default skin right now. I used the configurator to assign Device Instance Path to mainbrain, I added another brain instance, "Brain2" and again used the configurator to find and assign the PID/VID. I added the two brains in the Debug instances.

      <!-- Begin Debug Instances -->
        <debug status="on">
          <window type="variables"></window>
          <virtual_brain id="mainbrain"></virtual_brain>
          <virtual_brain id="Brain2"></virtual_brain>
      <!-- End Debug Instances -->
      <!-- Begin Remote Control Configuration -->
        <remote status="enabled" user_name="" port="0"></remote>
      <!-- End Remote Control Configuration -->


      <!-- Begin Fusion Brain Instances -->
          <brain id="MainBrain">usb\vid_04d8&amp;pid_000c\5&amp;360498a6&amp;0&amp;1</brain>
          <brain id="Brain2">usb\vid_04d8&amp;pid_000c\5&amp;360498a6&amp;0&amp;2</brain>
      <!-- End Fusion Brain Instances -->
    That's pretty much all I changed.

    Now, funny things happen when I launch MDX.

    the &0&1 (Mainbrain) brain shows all of the IO and it's active and things are good.
    but the &0&2 (Brain2) brain looks dead in the virtual window.

    However, when I start the program with the &0&1 brain unplugged, the IO from the &0&2 brain shows up in the Mainbrain virtual window.

    Weird huh?

    Then when I plug the &0&1 brain back in, the IO on the Mainbrain Virtual window switches instantly to that of the &0&1 brain.

    Well I think it's weird.

    Unplugging the &0&1 brain again locks up MDX.

    This is repeatable.

    The entire time, no movement has shown up on the Brain2 Virtual window.
    I'd like it to, but I can just use the variable window, and a little logic. I'm just starting to tie my project into the software, so I don't have much yet.

    It just seems like a bug to me, so I thought I'd mention it.

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    Sorry for missing this, but yep that seems like a bug. I will take a look at it.

    I am actually completely re-writing the USB communication in MDX. I have sustained speeds with low CPU of 250Hz read AND write
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