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Thread: Real Time Time control

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    Real Time Time control

    I'm looking into creating a very smart programable thermostat for my house since a normal one won't accept enough variables... the schedule in my house changes from day to day but is the same every monday, every tuesday, ect.

    Can the Fusion Brain reference the time and date on my computer to control its outputs? I've not been able to find any difinative answers about this... only that I can control the time the outputs are activated.
    Speaking of time they are active, can I have them controlled by a logic command instead of a programed time? Something like on if it's not inside a certain range?
    It would be neat to automate my house a little... lights, temperature control, and maybe a few other things.

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    The FB guys will of course be able to give you feedback on this.. but i just wanted to mention that even if MDX cannot perform what you're looking for you could use a combination of MDX and Autoit with the COM interface to achieve this pretty easily Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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    boy, could I use a time variable, too

    I seem to remember posts about real-time but cannot find them again. I'm geeking my greenhouse and could use access to a time variable. Below is a mockup of my controls . . . yes, the skin is stolen from the example. The Ph sensor is an issue. I'm working on getting the images loaded, Light is the only sensor I have, the others have been shipped along with the relays.


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    I could use a time variable, also.

    I've seen a post, but can't find it now. I'm geeking my greenhouse and could use the time of day.

    I've mocked the skin, and yes . . . stole most from the sample skin. I'm loading images. I only have a light sensor, but it's working. Relays and the other sensors have been shipped!! ph sensor is an unknown.

    Hopefully, there's an image attached.

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