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Thread: Can't figure it out!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by madmikexb View Post
    So does the control center not work on Vista at all? I downloaded the stuff to play and see if this is something I want to use, but all the main sections on my start menu's folder pop-up with a "stopped working" error.
    Try to right-click, then run as administator. This should work If its a UAC issue.

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    Not sure if it works on vista. I am using a dedicated XP box for it and it worked great. I haven't retried the vista machine since the original 18 meg installed glitch. I know that the drivers can be an a clean install of mdx and when you plug in the brain, go to device manager and make sure it is using the appropriate driver. Hope this helps.

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    Yes it works on Vista x86 and XP x86. No 64bit OS. My developement machine is Vista Ultimate x86.
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