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Thread: Control OEM radio from my head unit

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    Control OEM radio from my head unit


    I have same questions about Fusion brain.

    I want to control my oem radio with carpc.(ON,OFF,CD,......)
    This is oem radio plate.

    I want to control this push buttons with fusion brain.
    I m solder wire for each button.

    For do that if i must buy fusion brain and relay for each button?

    Sorry for my english.

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    Quote Originally Posted by boy36 View Post

    For do that if i must buy fusion brain and relay for each button?

    Sorry for my english.
    To do that, you need 1 fusion brain (can handle 16 relays) and then 1 relay for each button

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    May not need relays - they're probably all 12V low current. Hard to determine that for sure though.

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    I'm using optoisolators for controlling the push buttons for my HVAC unit. This is essentially the same problem as you're having. I just hooked up a 1kOhm resistor to pin 1 of my optoisolator (LAA110 -$file/LAA110_R09.pdf). It seems to work really well, when the digital output on the fusion brain goes high, the optoisolator (or a solid state relay) connects the terminals, emulating a push button

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