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    where can i find a VB6 source code for control the Fusion Brain?


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    I don't think anyone has released anything for VB6. I don't know how different VB6 is from VB.Net, but there is a VB.Net example you might be able to reference.

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    Well, I also needed to control the Fusion Brain in VB6 or actually VBA and I came up with a working demo!

    First of all this is absolutely based on mx270a work . Thanks a lot to you! I even kept your comments...

    The idea was to build a wrapper COM DLL to interface with the .Net FusionBrain_WinUSB.dll. This was done pretty easily using VB.Net 2010 Express.

    Note: For the COM dll to work properly I had to use the /CodeBase option of the RegAsm.exe dll registring utility. This is not nice especially since I could not be bothered to create a strong name for the COM dll… You get a warning as the dll registers. What it means is that the path of the dll will be saved in the registry. So if you move it, register again using RegAsm. Remember to also move the .Net dll along (FusionBrain_winUSB.dll).

    The rest is a straight port of mx270a's app into the VB6 world. I added a little Digital Output demo of my own (caterpillar).

    Now, I did not have VB6 on hand so I just made it in Access 2007 VBA. Migrating it to VB6 project is very easy though. One would just have to recreate the form and its controls. Also, for the sake of not pointing to any other ActiveX object I did not use a slider control (besides in Access they look ugly).


    Download (includes installation notes and all sources).

    Let me know what you think!

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