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Thread: Can't set Default State for Digital Outpust to "On"

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    Can't set Default State for Digital Outpust to "On"

    I'm working with a V3 FB and jsut downloaded all software yesterday (so I'm sure it's current)

    When I try to set the "Default State" of digital output 0 to "On", the setting won't stick. I click the green check to save and then if I immediately reopen the Digital Output, it's set back to "Off". I was able to edit it in Notepad and make the change work. Funny thing was Configurator then let me change the Default back to "Off" successfully, but then still won't let me go back to "On" from within Configurator. What's up?

    Thanks, Steve

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    It is a bug, and will be fixed.

    Like you say, editing the file manually should work in the interim. Sorry for any problems.
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