I test this weekend the FreeDrive, It looks very well, but I have some problems with my GPS.

Allways my GPS-USB sift chipset run well (siftdemo, mapsonic, mapmonkey) but In freedrive don't show any Satellite (and my gps are up and running correctly)

I put the correct settings (com port 4, and 38400) (NMEA, protocol). But never gets to run.. (it is the same that the mapmonkey and mapsonic use)

I try uninstall and install in the English windows version (C:\Program Files\ (in spanish are C:\Archivos de programa), but no..

Only one time runsme (in port 4, 4800), but only run one time after close and open the program, never run again.

I will like test the the GPS and help to run with FreeDrive anybody can said me that steps can I do for debug the problem???

Finaly I find one configuration thats run, EMEA, com 4 and 4800. but runs very bad, (all time showme that have a 10-20 km/h) and some times have 4000 hm/h:-D.

Is the support of sift protocoll complete?? in 0.52 PLUS?

After of some trys more, I wait for new versions, becasue for spanish maps the software don't run well.

Regards and thanks for the program....