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Thread: Main Screen with just Map

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    Main Screen with just Map

    I have modified the default skin to remove the buttons and scrollbar and bottom info bar from FD. The other skins have the same look as the default. If someone wants to know how to set this up, I'll post the details here.


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    is the skin allways like this or is there a switch toggle?
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    I don't want to threadjack, but just want to say that I also modded my FD skin to omit all buttons altogether. I have some navi info (eta,lat/lon) displayed on a 200 px bar on the left, with sats/cam/speed info now displayed within RR. I have buttons at the bottom of the RR external_gps window for common FD functions including one to call FDMENU for the rest of the buttons. One of the buttons on the bottom is the mapsize function (which i've renamed "Info") which toggles whether FD navi info is shown (ie, fullscreen map, or not). I didn't want to call it fullscreen as there's still RR buttons and other info shown so "Info" was more appropriate.
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