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Mouse cursor visible after returning from standby

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  • Mouse cursor visible after returning from standby

    I have my system setup using a mtx-2 psu with the jumper set so that it goes into standby when there is loss of power for 5 secs.

    I setup SD to gointo standby when you press the powerbutton at 3 secs.

    I set SD to 3 secs so that in the event I do not press the power button in SD, it will hopefully save its settings and it pretty much does, it may be at 1 on the countdown when the computer shutsdown.

    My problem is that when I resume, the mouse cursor shows up.
    I have it set to:

    Restrict the cursor in fullscreen mode
    Hide the cursor in fullscreen mode

    Everytime it resumes, the mouse cursor appears, and I look at the settings and notice that
    "Restrict the cursor in fullscreen mode" is unchecked and placing a check in the box does nothing.
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    Does the cursor get hidden if you toggle fullscreen twice. Developer (I am Chuck)
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