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Append mode broke?

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  • Append mode broke?

    Either a bug or I dont know what Im doing.

    My problem is that when I navigate to an album and add the songs, I dont want it to append to any queue, I want it to start a new queue. I just want THAT album or single song to play.

    I thought that if append was not checked in the music browsing window, that it would not append songs and make an ever growing queue.

    No matter what I do, it wants to append.

    1. click music
    2. click page down
    3. browser hdd
    4. page down a few times, find what I want.
    5. select an album and it opens revealing the songs within
    6. select "select all files"
    7. it says "appended tracks"
    8. I repeat the process and it adds the next album to the tracks, unless I clear queue and append is not checked.
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