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No source computers visible in wifi sync (Vista)

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  • No source computers visible in wifi sync (Vista)

    I want to setup wifi sync but there are no pc's listed in the source computer list.
    I have streetdeck running on Vista and the PC with the share runs vista too. I have the shared mapped in file explorer in vista on the streetdeck pc. The pc with the share is also visible under 'network' in file explorer of the pc running Streetdeck.

    Does wifi sync works with vista?

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    It would also be nice if you could just manually type in a \\COMPUTER\PATH\TO\DIR as well. I have a wifi setup on the 10.10.10.x network, and my LAN on the 192.168.1.x network. SD can't see the computers that are on the LAN, yet if I do \\htpc for example, in windowsXP (InfillG4), then XP can in fact see the shares and I can copy manually. Sync would be much easier and faster.
    Infill G4. StreetDeck.
    Installed 09/17/07


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      There are security issues with using WiFi on Vista. You can get it to work though, have you tried running StreetDeck in adminstrator mode.

      The WiFi syncing is getting a major overhaul in StreetDeck 2.0 so it doesn't use windows sharing at all. Developer (I am Chuck)
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