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Voice Recognition is completely broken

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  • Voice Recognition is completely broken

    1.) In the General Settings, go to Input Options : Voice Interface.
    2.) Click on Train Microphone.

    Bug: All you get is:

    "Voice Interface Error!
    There was an error launching the microphone training wizard. Please consult the program log for more details."

    (SD does actually minimize itself for about 1/4 second, whereas the instructions in the Settings window say that it will actually go out of full screen mode

    I was trying that because whenever I do the /\ gesture to try a voice command, I get the following error message:

    "Voice Recognition Failed!
    The voice recognition engine is not initialized."

    I went to the Speech control panel, and there is nothing there for speech recognition.

    This is with my new G4 hard drive that was configured by the SD team.

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    SD log file.
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      Installing the Microsoft Speed SDK 5.1 fixes the problem.

      But who would know to do that? Why doesn't it come preinstalled when it is required for this core functionality?