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Carnetix CNX-P1900 Mac Mini Power Supply and

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  • Carnetix CNX-P1900 Mac Mini Power Supply and

    Someone broke into my tC and stole my VGA touchscreen but left the rest of my hardware. I've already sold my Mac Mini, but have the rest of my setup for sale.

    Email me if you're interested: j i m f u r m a n AT gmail d0t c0m

    I'm located in Mountain View, CA, and would prefer local pickup, but I can ship if necessary.

    Take it all for $100.

    Carnetix CNX-P1900 Ver. 2.2 Dual Output 140 Watt 12V DC-DC Regulator with Regulated 18V. 12V and 5V upgrade output for USB. Paid $125, selling for $60.

    IPAC USB Keyboard interface. $20 obo (it may need a firmware flash since it appears to lose its key assignments when powered off)

    Pioneer DEH-6800MP Receiver/Amplifier with RCA Input adapter (
    Note: Does not play CDs, but works great as an ampflier and radio. Actually, it does play one CD... the one that's currently in it and refuses to come out :-P.
    $40 obo (needs wiring harness if I can't find it... which I currently cannot)