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FS: MSI-9803 Fuzzy GME965 Mobo + 2GB Kingston DDRII 667 RAM

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  • FS: MSI-9803 Fuzzy GME965 Mobo + 2GB Kingston DDRII 667 RAM

    For sale is a Mini-ITX MSI Fuzzy GME965 Socket-P Motherboard with 2GB DDRII 667 Kingston RAM. Both the RAM and motherboard are in perfect working order. I am selling them because I decided to use a different motherboard that uses laptop memory.

    This motherboard is perfect for car computing! It takes advantage of the Socket P pinset, so you can use any of the new and upcoming penryn intel chips (I used a Core 2 Duo with it for two months) and consumes very little power (stays cool).

    I originally purchased this motherboard from logicsupply... It sells for $258 there (I think I got it for $238, though).

    I purchased the RAM from I think I spent around $60 for it.

    I am willing to sell the motherboard and RAM together for $150 OBO (roughly half what I purchased it for a few months ago).

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    Btw...If you're interested, I accept payment in Paypal in order to protect both of us from fraud. Thanks!


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      how fast does this board boot? do you hapend to have a cpu that u can include for extra?


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        I would say the boot time is about average. With a Core 2 Duo 2.0 GHz CPU, the boot time to Windows (including POST) was around 20-30 seconds. I wish I could say I had an extra CPU to include with it, but my best suggestion for that would be to find one on They have excellent prices on CPUs. Here is a link to the Intel T7300 that I was running on it...I ended up putting that CPU in my current motherboard:


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          Yikes these processors are expensive!
          Whats really important to me is how fast it resumes ?
          How come you change motherboard? if yo don't mind me asking.


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            I resumed it from standby a couple times and it only took one or two seconds, but primarily I resumed it from hibernate. Coming out of hibernate took approximately 20 seconds with my setup. The thing is, besides the POST, resuming from hibernate is dependent upon the OS setup (i.e., services and programs running) and amount of RAM.

            The reason I changed motherboards was pretty picky...I spent a lot of money to make my RX-8 computer look stock, and I like being able to alter the BIOS logo to my Mazda logo, which can be done with Award BIOSes. This motherboard runs the new AMI BIOS, which is not yet hacked to let consumers alter the logo.

            The motherboard I just bought is almost the same exact motherboard, actually. It's the COMMELL LV-679, which is another GME 965 Socket P board. The only difference was the Award BIOS and it uses smaller laptop RAM.

            Another small reason for my decision was that I was worried a little about heating issues. I keep my computer in my trunk with no airflow to it and I live in Texas where it gets very hot. There were a few times (when it was ~110 degrees outside) that the computer shut down because the temp sensors alarmed the BIOS it was too hot.

            All that said, there's still not a difference temperature-wise between this motherboard and my new one...I just thought maybe the laptop memory wouldn't put off as much heat, but really all of these new mini-ITX boards, paired with a CPU that produces little heat (like a Core 2 Duo) will preform well and should never overheat.

            Hopefully this makes primary reason was getting the Award BIOS to change the logo, and my secondary reason isn't really a's just me ranting about how I should have put my computer in my glove compartment or somewhere where I can get air to it. My new motherboard will still overheat when it's 110 degrees outside.


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              Doesn't still happen to be for sale, does it?