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Lowes GC's (+ cash) for Parts

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  • Lowes GC's (+ cash) for Parts

    I just finished up a side job and finally have enough cash to get this project started. (Im sure I will run short, but thats half the fun right?!) In talking, endlessly, about my plans I recieved a very welcomed 'bonus' for a job well done. A stack of $15 gift cards to Lowes. Seeing as I have already purchased most of what I anticipate needing from them, I have about $150 (10 or so cards left) I've also got the better part of that paycheck burning a hole in my pocket... bummer right.

    Things I know I need:
    lilli 7" touchscreen (bezel if nothing else while I fab my dash)
    lilli 7" motorized in-dash touchscreen
    Complete Carputer (open to most ideas)
    GPS reciever
    OBD II interface
    Bluetooth Adapter

    Im sure I will need more odds and ends. Misc wire and the like.

    Please understand that I am not intending to be lazy, but to msg everyone to see if they will take a partial trade for the GC's seems pointless. Maybe this will jog your mind about some extras you have laying around. (And I HAVE checked the past months posts prior to posting.)


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    also need:

    usb wifi adapter
    usb extension cable