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CarPC, Custom xenarc screen for Honda Element and 5.1 digital amplifier

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  • CarPC, Custom xenarc screen for Honda Element and 5.1 digital amplifier

    So it was 2004... I was so happy to get my element. while at the same time i started getting into installing computers into cars. If you check for my name you will find hundreds of posts as i built and installed my carputer.

    I'm selling my Element and have yanked out the computer. I will not wind up installing this version in the new car so its up for grabs... as a whole or parts.


    The amplifier is the new version of the old Hifonics Zeus 5.1, know as the Autotek mm5.1. Its discontinued so good luck finding one. I searched online and saw them for about 850 UK dollars. Thats way more than i paid for it. Its a dolby digital analog or digital input amplifier. 5x50 watts RMS plus 220 to the sub. It has video input and output and a remote control. It even has a GUI for setting up surround sound. Neat amp. I'm selling it for $500 on EOC and If it doesnt sell I will put it on eBay at the same starting price. Amp is in PERFECT condition with minor smudging from being in the back area. I will include the mounting board which sits in nicely under the rear passenger seat.

    JL Stealth box for an Element. Never beat on, always perfectly managed. Yes its a used sub but I have broken it in to its absolute sweet spot. I am not a volume guy (i left the factory speakers in with the amp and sub) and have never put the sub through clipping of any kind. Only negative aspect is the passenger panel screw pulled through. Its a cosmetic panel that hides the wiring. You will need to go to Home depot and get a new screw and washer to hold it back on. I have been lazy, leaving it off. Price is $450

    7" Xenarc Touchscreen molded into the element dash bezel. Its a nice job, first one i have done. Its perfect to go as is, or if you would like to change the color, feel free. It has a little scratch here and there on the bezel (NOT the screen) from wear and tear. Used it for the past couple of years. This is a computer monitor, NOT a standard in dash video monitor. MUCH higher resolution! Monitors go for $300 new and the dash work would cost you $150. Selling for $350 and I am including a second 10" screen that you can mount in the rear. I ask that you trade me your stock trim piece in return.

    Carputer: 2.6 ghz mobile processor for power consumption. 250 gig hard drive mounted vertically. It has a decent nVidia Video card, 512 megs of ram and extra USB ports for accessories. I will include a slot load DVD-RW and a DSATX DC to DC power supply. There are tons of things on the disk including XP MCE, videos, mp3s AND a nasty virus. Its your responsibility to clean the drive of its contents and reinstall an OS. If you think you're good at knocking out viruses, then have at it! I will also include a USB GPS and the software discs for navigation

    I've used it for the past 2 years as my main system. Please do not think of a carPC as a turn key system. Its a PC tinkerer's dream but the nightmare of a simple car stereo person. There is tons of information on I have probably spent thousands in building this up and trying different gear. Its a great system for anyone looking to get into computers in cars.

    Price for the whole thing is $300.

    PLEASE, PLEASE PLEASE send me an email if you're interested in any of the gear. I rarely come back to mp3car to check messages. Email me at audiocontr at gmail for pictures. They are all too big to host. I'm happy to answer any questions. Shipping is your responsibility

    Will Albers
    Take my advice: Do not try to build a system that includes EVERY feature. Start with the basics, build it to a bug free state, and THEN add on.

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