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FS: 2 lilliput 619's. Bu-353. Radeon x700 pro and x1950xtx. Asus motherboard.

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  • FS: 2 lilliput 619's. Bu-353. Radeon x700 pro and x1950xtx. Asus motherboard.

    Up for grabs today guys is some of my spare computer and carputer parts. It's been over a year since I dicked with anything carpc related, so I'm not exactly sure what this stuff is worth anymore.

    First up, a 10 pin lilliput 619 7" touch screen. Includes all wires/attachments to make it work. ***NO CASE***. Mint condition. Installed in custom bracket in my toyota mr2. Used for a total of maybe 3-4 hours. I wasn't able to run w/o a head unit. My loss is your gain.

    Secondly, a 9 pin lilliput 619. ***NO CASE*** This one didn't last long. I ended up cutting off the connector that connects the screen to the main board. I think it shorted out and melted the pin or something because I didn't hook it up right after I took it out of it's case. This screen is 100% working if you replace that connector. No damage was done to the board nor the LCD unit. This screen was replaced because I was unable to find someone to do the auto-on soldering mod. I'm terrible with this stuff. Again, this screen has about 2 hours on it... never fully installed in a vehicle... just tested on my workbench. This unit could be easily repaired with a new connector (it's just 2 wires) or used for parts as the screen, touchscreen, inverter, buttons... everything is literally only a few hours old.

    I have a bu-353. GPS receiver. New in box. Never removed or hooked up. Not even once. What a waste.

    I've also got a motherboard and some ram. Motherboard is ASUS p5gd2 Deluxe... with 1 gb of ddr2 ram that fits it. Selling because after 2 years of running a 2.8 ghz pentium 4 chip overclocked to 3.6 ghz, the chip finally gave out. I upgraded to a quad core and this motherboard has been sitting ever since.

    Also finally, got a 256 mb radeon x700 pro and a 512 mb radeon x1950xtx for sale. Both were working pulls when I upgraded. Upgraded the 700 to the x1950 and the 1950 to 2 8800gts'.

    As far as pricing. I'm not really sure what these things are worth.

    I'd like to get around 200 for the working 10 pin lilliput.

    I'd like to see 100 for the 9 pin lilliput with the missing connector to the main board.

    45 + shipping takes the bu-353.

    And as far as the graphics cards, motherboards, etc... Make an offer. I'm not even remotely sure what to charge for those.

    I'm selling all this stuff because i've been out of work since april and am having a difficult time paying bills and taking care of my daughter's christmas this year. Please help me out by buying some of my stuff. I've got a solid feedback on here I think, as do I on and ebay.

    For more info, please ask. Pics can be provided of anything you like. Thanks for reading my thread.

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    do you have pics of both lilliputs?


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          pm sent for lilliput wolly


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            i'd like em... just don't have the cash...
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              The 10 pin is sold. Still have the 9 pin that needs a connector.


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                would you be willing to take a pic of the main board for the 9 pin? just want to see if it would matchup with mine
                im interested


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                    Any other questions or requests, please ask. I'm happy to help in any way I can.


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                      hey made a payment for the lilliput... havent heard from you.. please confirm payment. thanks


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                        Payment received. Item shipped ~4 pm today. Priority mail. Will receive it shortly.


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                          awesome thank you!


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                            received the screen and its having issues. board is non-working. this is the only reason i purchased the screen so if i could, can i please have my money back?


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                              I don't understand how the board could be non-working. It was a fully functional screen when it was last hooked up and it has since sat on a shelf. I'd love to talk to you about it, perhaps something's not hooked up right or we can diagnose what's wrong.