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Must sell PC setup w/ Windows

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  • Must sell PC setup w/ Windows

    Ok, I started this project a few months ago, and I'm not going to finish it. I am leaving at the end of this month to go spend a year in Greensburg, KS to help rebuild homes that were destroyed by the tornado.

    I got to sell all my stuff as soon as possible! Remember you buying this will be going to a great cause. All the money I raise is going towards work clothes, boots, weather appropriate apparel and tools.

    - Morex 5677 case (slightly modified to run a remote cd-rom)
    - M2-ATX 160W Power Supply
    - Modified power cable for the silly hp power socket
    - Mobo/Proc out of an HP s7613w (link) 1.8GHz, 1gb ram
    - new 2.5" 60gb hard drive
    - brand new copy of Windows XP Home ($200!)
    - a bag full blue UV reactive wire/connectors, pins, wire wrap
    - 2x 12" UV 12v lights
    - a completely over sized vanquisher cpu cooler

    Sorry for the crappy pics:

    It all works great. I have been trying to find a smaller cpu cooler that has a fan built in, but haven't had much luck.

    I'll sell it all for $250 with free shipping.

    Please help me out! I gotta sell this fast.

    Please post questions or offers here. If you prefer you can email me at [email protected].


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    $40 for the hard drive?


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      Sorry, I'm trying to sell it all together.