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FS: Turion X2 ITX setup, slim slot load DVD, Visteon HDZ300, Athlon XP-M 2600, more

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  • FS: Turion X2 ITX setup, slim slot load DVD, Visteon HDZ300, Athlon XP-M 2600, more

    Hello all,

    I am parting ways with the rest of my carputer parts. Here's what I've got:

    AMD Turion X2 ITX Setup ***SOLD***
    This is the assembly I was planning to install in my car. Here are the components:

    AMD Turion 64 X2 TL-50 1.6ghz dual core processor
    Pulled from a working laptop, never overclocked. Very fast, even in Vista 64

    IEI KINO-690S1 ITX motherboard
    I purchased this motherboard new from Logic Supply. It was booted up to make sure everything would run, and there were no problems. It saw maybe 30 or 40 minutes of use before it was put back in the box. Here's the link:

    Copper Socket S1 cooler
    Can't remember where I purchased this, but worked great as long as there was some air moving across it. There's a little ding in the top that was there when I bought it.

    Samsung 512mb PC2-4200 SODIMM memory
    This was used with the ITX board, worked great, never overclocked.

    DVI-to-HDMI adapter
    This came with a graphics card for my desktop, but I'll throw it in.

    I'd like to keep this all together, since it works so well and the parts match. $200 shipped for everything above in the lower 48 states. ***SOLD***

    TDR-085 slim slot load DVD ROM for laptop ***SOLD***
    BRAND NEW, never used. $35 shipped. ***SOLD***

    Visteon HD Zoom HDZ300 with 'mitchjs' cable ***SOLD***
    I purchased this item new, and never installed it. The box is a little beat up, but the contents are undamaged. $50 shipped. ***SOLD***

    AMD Athlon XP-M 2600+ mobile (IDYHA)
    Awesome processor, never overclocked by me. I was going for a low noise, cool system. Thought it might be good for someone's carputer system. Works perfectly. $35 shipped.

    Fujitsu 100 GB SATA 5400 RPM 8MB MHV2100BH PL
    I purchased this item refurbished from Fujitsu. Works great, and I'll include the 2.5"-to-3.5" adapter. $30 shipped.

    All prices include shipping to the lower 48 United States. My Heat is located here:

    Please PM me with any questions. Thanks!


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    PMing you now, will purchase

    AMD Turion X2 ITX Setup -Sold-
    Tennessee Vols Fan


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      Visteon HD Zoom HDZ300 with 'mitchjs' cable

      I'll take this. Paypal?
      PMing you now.


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        ITX board package sold.

        Sale pending on Visteon package.

        All PM's replied.


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          Originally posted by 3Tripnip View Post
          Sale pending on Visteon package.

          All PM's replied.
          Visteon sold, paypal being sent right now.


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            Consider the slot load DVD sold - pm'ed

            If anyone gives me a rev - I give them the Bird


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              Sale pending on slot load DVD ROM


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                Did you get my paypal?


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                  bump... couple items left


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                    What all is left?


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                      Originally posted by C10JustinWarner View Post
                      What all is left?
                      Hahaha, yeah, I guess it would help if I updated that. Thread updated. Thanks!