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FS: XOX 8" Touchscreen

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  • FS: XOX 8" Touchscreen

    I have an 8" touchscreen for sale that i would use as a secondary screen on my celica. I could not use it as a main screen because i could not use it on my dash. the screen works great but i dont have the vga extension and usb extension. You can just splice them will a usb vga and usb no prob. Because of this, I will send it to the first 175 + plus shipping. (i am in texas if you want an idea of shipping costs) Thanks. I dont know how to upload these damn fotos so if interested, send me your email by pm and i will send you the pics from my confirmed paypal address. Only confirmed paypal please.

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    Can you send/post a product page of someone selling the product online? I searched for "8in xox lcd" and didn't find anything...



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      - -eBay has these screens between 175-200 shipped brand new with everything.- -
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        Most of the screens you have seen are not touchscreen or shipped from china, which i rather pay an extra 5 dollars than do that. And if you dont know that red, green, black and white are standard usb wires and cant find the pinout (schematic) on the web, you shouldnt be making a carpc anyways. Now, as most of the products here, this is Or Best Offer, but i am trying to selling an item here and try to get as much as possible from my original price which was more than my offered price here...I dont think it is neccesary for you to bash my offering price, if so, just buy it from ebay...many people rather buy from this community than ebay anyways. I have bought a screen and hard drive from here already and trust the sellers here more than ebay because we know exactly how these parts are going to be used, for carpcs. Thanks for the heads up on the price listing.

        And for anyone interested in the screen 170.00 OR BEST OFFER.


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          Sorry for the double posted message..well if interested i could go lower on the price. The screen works great and anyone that wants a 8" and wants to cover larger than usual area this is great touchscreen lcd.


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            Still for sale? Can you email me some pics.


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              I'd like to see some pics too.

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