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Fs: complete carputer system

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  • Fs: complete carputer system

    I have for sale is complete carputer system, It's complete with
    VOOM PC2 case
    Jetway VIA 1.5Ghz
    120g sata hardrive
    1g Ram
    M2-atx power supply
    Sound blaster audigy 2 nx with car power supply,
    World smallest Bluetooth keyboard
    wireless mouse
    USB hub
    Extra intel D210gly motherboard
    60GB harddrive.

    ALSO I WILL NOT TAKE PAYPAL BS, no time to deal with them. I can list it on ebay for you if you want. Also checkout my feedback on ebay USER ID: slickcivic03

    $400 shipped.

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    More info

    Hello Kickercivic1,

    Sorry if i missed somthing but i see your list then when i look at the picture it looks like you have sat. reciever and ant. and LCD (touch??) and mabey GPS (the plastic case) I ask you this only because i am just starting my first car pc and i have all kinds of pc's pc' parts large touch screens but i have not been able to drill down what i want and your post looks like it a much easyer and MUCH more simple than what i had planned. please let me know if i missed read the picture so i can buy or no buy! thank you!


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      What is the word

      PM Sent last Night