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Via EPIA M1000, BU-303 GPS Receiver, Opus 150W

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  • Via EPIA M1000, BU-303 GPS Receiver, Opus 150W

    Actual shipping charges will be added at time of order and your desired shipping method has been communicated (USPS only).

    Opus 150W - $30 (READ BELOW)
    The PSU does work, however, it will not remain powered up if the car is turned off (assumes you have a switch to allow the opus to sense voltage on more than just the ignition line). Opus said they would look at it and provide repair services if that is something you are interested in. If you don't plan on running your carputer if the car isn't running, this might not be a big deal. Lastly, I cut up the ATX cable for the multi-relay/diode solution to prevtening USB devices pulling power when the car is off. You'll either have to splice together the three wires I cut, or buy a new ATX cable from Opus or another vendor.

    Heat and Beer under Mears
    Ebay under professorjurtz

    BU-303 GPS Receiver with retail accessories - $18
    1 GB PC-3200 DDR-400 (confirmed that it works with Via EPIA M10000) - $15
    Via EPIA M10000 Mini-ITX w/ all retail accessories - $38

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    Lowered the price on the Opus and GPS receiver


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      Lowered prices again, and split memory out from the motherboard.


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        Updated for items sold, and dropped prices on the remaining items.