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400Mhz 10.5" LCD touchscreen Kiosk Computer w/ upgrades

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  • 400Mhz 10.5" LCD touchscreen Kiosk Computer w/ upgrades

    Hello, I have one of these for sale.

    Price: $80 + Shipping.
    Shipping will be between $15 - $20.
    You can also do Local Pickup, I am in the bay area.

    The Computer:
    400Mhz Celeron
    6gb laptop drive
    2x PcMcia slots (one zoomed) [ETHERNET 100/T CARD]
    Microtouch Serial TouchScreen
    10.4" TFT lcd (1024x768)
    Phillips Tv Tuner

    The Upgrades:
    802.11b Wireless card
    Power Supply
    Charcoal Grey Cover, perfect for wall mounting.

    Also includes:
    All the drivers
    15 Pages manual with all pinout details

    PAYMENT: Paypal (will consider other)

    This unit works, and is not DOA

    Please email or PM me if you have any questions and for PICTURES.

    Same units for sale and talked about in these threads quite some time back by: NovaKane / civicduties / e_fractal / NickB / dyne

    Here's some more interesting info someone put together on them:
    (He even made a custom case for it)

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    And pics of yours, not some stock pics, or the crappy phone cam pics I've found here on mp3car. Real nice crisp pics would be awesome.

    What socket of CPU?

    Try RevFE
    The best resurrected frontend I've ever used, period.


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      NovaKane, you still have yours?

      I just converted mine to a VGA monitor with a kit I got off ebay for 25$. I wonder if there's anything to do with the touch panel however, I understand they never made drivers for XP, let alone win7...

      trying to dig out the forums for precious information.