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FS Cmplt kit for Ford Escape. C2D; 80GB SSD; 10" transflective lcd, molded dash, battery

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  • FS Cmplt kit for Ford Escape. C2D; 80GB SSD; 10" transflective lcd, molded dash, battery

    Just talking here... Haven't decided what to do yet. But I'm trying to get a feel for interest.

    I've had my 2003 Ford Escape since March of 2004 and have put over 100,000 miles on it personally. During that time, I've been through many minor and major carputer evolutions and revolutions. It's time to move on to a new vehicle, and I need to find a good home for the trusty Escape.

    Generally speaking, the carputer works pretty reliably, especially having brought the system to the an advance state of maturity (SSD, year-round direct cooling, secondary deep cycle battery, etc.). Alas, carputers are not for everybody, and I would have a hard time explaining the intricacies to a non-geek. For the right buyer, my system could be a huge bonus, but for most, I'm afraid will be a liability to resale (or trade-in) value.

    Unless someone here wants to buy a 2003 Ford Escape in the greater Kansas City area, my idea is to sell the whole system as a kit. This could include the complete computer, the LCD pre-molded into a Ford Escape Dash panel, the second battery and relay, modified center console, modified lower stack, secondary radio with aux-in which drives the speakers, all the custom switches & wiring, back up camera, xm-pcr, gps receiver, etc. You get the idea.

    This would allow me to replace the dash pieces and center console from a junk yard and attempt to bring the car back closer to stock in order to sell it (or trade it in) to a larger consumer base.

    Any thoughts? What has been the general experience with resale?

    Thanks in advance for any comments or suggestions.

    pictures here.
    '03 Escape 4WD:
    -iTox mini-itx mobo, Core 2 Duo Mobile 1.66Ghz; 2GB, 80GB 2.5" HD, DS-ATX
    -Transflective 8.4"
    -XM, iG4, OBD-II (BR-3)
    -Rearview camera with auto-switching (modified cheesbox)
    -Slim Slot DVD+RW
    -RR, DFX 4