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FS Complete ITX System /w 10" Xenarc

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  • FS Complete ITX System /w 10" Xenarc

    Let me start off by saying, this is priced to MOVE! As such, I do not want ridiculous lowball offers of $200, but nor is the price set in concrete, this is just a ballpark I feel is fair. I have had all of this hardware sitting for far too long and don't use any of it anymore, so that is why it is going so cheap.

    As I said, I am selling an extra system I've had around for awhile now as it's not doing me any good sitting! At this time this sale includes all items listed below, on the off chance that I find something extra I will be sure to include it and update the listing, but I will not be taking anything off from what is currently listed.

    Kit includes;

    The Good:

    Mini ITX case - not entirely sure who the manufacturer is, I got this on a trade some time ago, but it can be seen in the pics.

    Intel DC945GCLF2 - Great little Mini-ITX integrated system. It seems to like Windows 7 more than XP for some strange reason. I had always run a copy of XP on the system, but recently decided to test out Windows 7 and it runs much snappier than XP ever did, so my suggestion to you would be to run this as a W7 machine.

    1 GB of DDR2 RAM - almost sure that it is this RAM, but again, it was so long ago that I purchased it I really cannot be sure, other than to say it is indeed 1GB.

    GlobalSAT Bu-353 USB GPS receiver - no explanation needed really.

    Xenarc 10" Touchscreen - Supports VGA input, touchscreen works great, no blemishes at all on the screen and includes bezel.

    M3-ATX PSU with the AC-DC adapter for running on your home voltage.

    Additional M2-ATX PSU - For the life of me I cannot remember whether this is the M2-ATX or the M2-ATX-HV but it is included anyway and fully functioning.

    External DVD-Rom drive - slot loading type and I also have an external USB enclosure for it included as well.

    I also have a Griffin Powermate in silver that is in perfect condition that I will throw in.

    Will include a 10' VGA cable as well.
    The Bad:

    The one thing I do not have for this system is a HDD. So, you will need to pickup a 2.5" SATA drive from somewhere.

    The Ugly:

    The case/mobo/DVD drive/PSU are all with me in my apartment. The touchscreen however is not! It is about 3 hours away from where I am currently, so I cannot take any pictures of it at this time. Rest assured, it does work and will be included in the sale. If you're serious about purchase, I will make my way on up to where the screen is located and send pictures of it working.

    I will be making a trip up to where the screen is sometime before the holidays, but as I said, if someone is serious about purchasing the kit, I can and will go up sooner.

    Hopefully I included enough information so as to answer everyone's questions or concerns, however, if you do have any questions feel free to either ask them here or PM me.