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FS DoubleSight 7" USB Monitor

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  • FS DoubleSight 7" USB Monitor

    Selling a 7" DoubleSight USB monitor, in great working condition. Was going to install a 3M capacitive touchscreen on it and use it as my primary monitor but decided on another screen. Its been opened up as you can see and a couple of the plastic pieces to hold it in place in the case have been dremeled away so I could fit the touchscreen in the case. Still works and can get it lined up with the case, just nee to secure it with something. Because of the plastic missing case doesnt clip shut together so would need to run tape or something along edge to keep two halves together. BUT THE SCREEN WORKS PERFECTLY.

    Price- Looking for $60 plus cost of shipping, will ship it USPS priority mail with tracking and insurance if you want it.