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  • FS Parts up for Sale

    Im selling my carPC build, decided to go a different route and trying to get some money back prices are negotiable so PM me if you have an offer. Expect a $10-$15 addition to prices for shipping, everything will be shipped priority mail with tracking (unless its small like the GPS).

    Everything is in working condition and has been testing--Sorry about pictures used my phone as I dont have a camera

    1. Acer Aspire Revo 3610 (infomation on specs can be found here)--Unit has been opened up as seen in picture, the small board with two usb ports can be taken off and put back in place in order to attach the CNX-1900 to power it, power has been hooked up with the CNX and works great, there isnt a normal power cable for it since had to gut it for the power plug. Selling it either with or without the CNX included. The CNX-1900 would input replacement cables ($15 at mp3car store)
    Price: $175 without CNX, $225 with CNX, $50 for CNX1900

    2. High Bright 450 Nit Lilliput 669GL-70NP/C/T/HB--Just got this and installed it into a Bybyte double din frame. Works perfectly and comes with the HDMI connector needed for the frame. will ship it with the original case and everything that came with it.
    Price: $200

    3. BU-353 USB GPS--Working and just tested it out the other day Price $15 (shipping included on this item)

    4. Slot load USB dvd player-- cant remember the brand on this but it works perfectly no signs of use Price $40 includes shipping

    5. Cheap nontouch VGA screen--works and has a native resolution of 800x480. Have all adaptors and cables that came with it, bought it as a test screen for inside, has car adaptor plug as well. Price $45 plus shipping

    6. Doublesight DU70 7" USB monitor- non touch screen, usb has a beautiful picture, this has been opened up and part of the case has been modified to try and fit a 3M capacitive screen. Still in working condition and has a great picture just decided to go away from USB monitor. Price $40

    7. 3M 7" Capacitive touch overlay with control board, perfect size for most 7" screens fits nicely over the doublesight monitor and is a good size for the other two. Works great and drivers are easy to install on windows 7--Price: $40

    Will sell things individually or together just PM with questions. Prefer paypal payments to [email protected]