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FS: E46 Custom built flip monitor and pc

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  • FS: E46 Custom built flip monitor and pc


    As sad as it is for me to do this, but I am putting my set-up for sale. You can see all the progress that was made in this thread:

    Started with a solidworks model:

    Rapid prototyped the model:

    Finishing/painting the bezel:

    DVD in stock location (behind the monitor)

    PC was installed in BMW first aid kit which mounts under the passenger seat for a clean/stealth install

    B-O's pcb - countless hours of work devoted by a great man to develop this module. A break-down of what it is/does post# 298.

    - Mitch's cable for HD radio
    - Directed HD radio
    - Resler's IBUS Interface
    (I think I am missing some stuff from the list - will add them once I put everything together)

    Just a few shots of what it looks like installed:

    This would be a great project for someone to "finish" what I started as the pcb hasn't been installed yet.
    Price wise I am open to please shoot me some offers.

    Thank you!

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    is the USB/Serial version of Mitch's cable? if USB how much? will you sell just that?
    Cant code cause I dont know how, but give me the paint bucket and my eraser and have at you!


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      Mitch's cable is serial.sorry


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          Sent you a PM on the tuner.


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            how big is the actual bezel you have? I'm just looking for a screen, not a pc... might be interested to mod it for a 2010 lancer...


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              3D Model....

              Hi, I would like to make a similar bezel with a small milling machine. Could you send me the solidworks (8) file ? Thanks in advance, Paolo ([email protected])