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  • Carnetix 2140

    This is for a lightly used Carnetix 2140 power regulator. I bought this to go with my laptop carpc that I had before changing to a MOCOSO computer to replace it. I never got this working quite right and therefore it hasn’t been used very much. $80

    Here is the description:
    • Dual Output Regulator for automotive, RV, truck, taxi, and marine applications
    • Total output power up to 250 Watts (24Vin/20Vout) or 185 Watts (12Vin/20Vout)
    • Compatible with 12V OR 24V systems (auto ranging, no jumper changing)!
    • Jumper selectable main output of +12V/+18.5V/+20V
    • Primary output capable of up to 11 amps at +12V (130 watts) or 7.5 amps @ 20V (150 watts)
    • Jumper selectable secondary output of +12V/+13.5V or +5V at up to 3 amps (36 or 15 watts)
    • Optional 3rd output using CNX-P5V/15 watt regulator
    • Includes sturdy aluminum chassis and variable speed fan.
    • Survives Engine Cranking under full load over entire temperature range
    • Includes sophisticated Startup/Shutdown Controller (SSC) with USB interface to your CarComputer
    • Firmware upgrdable using USB port. No PIC programmer required!
    • Low battery monitor (user settable threshold) prevents drained battery, even during Standy/Sleep
    • "Anti Thump" delayed remote control (DLYON) for audio amplifiers (user settable delay time)
    • "Deadman Timer" to cut power if your system remains in sleep/standby for too long (user settable time)
    • Remote "Pulse Start" from wireless device or car alarm/remote start system
    • Over current protection on both outputs with graceful forced shutdown of main output
    • Powers both your computer (PC or Mac) AND your screen or USB devices
    • Compatible with Mac mini including startup/sleep mode
    • Compatible with Aopen Pandora Mini PC
    • Compatible with +12V or +19V Pentium-based systems such as Travla, Sumicom, Xenarc SC3 & SC8, Commell, Cappuccino, EZgo, and many others.
    • Full, safe support for Windows Standby mode including auto shutdown if PC fails to shutdown
    • Over voltage surge suppression on battery input for protection of harsh automotive environment
    • User replaceable fuse on battery input to protect your car from internal short circuits
    • Very compact design measuring 4.6" x 3.25" x 1.75" (L x W x H) or 117mm x 83mm x 45mm.
    What can I say, I love Volvos:
    Volvo 740 with 5.0 mustang conversion (totaled)
    Volvo 740 stock (sold)
    Volvo 940se (sold)
    Volvo 850 T-5R yellow (sold)
    Volvo S70 T5SE
    Volvo C70
    Volvo 850R with a long list of mods