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Complete CarPC system $500 shipped (continental US Only)

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  • Complete CarPC system $500 shipped (continental US Only)


    Liliput EBY-701 7" TFT touchscreen
    DVD Reader w/ USB cable.
    Presentation remote for mouse control (just in case)
    Two, 4 port USB 2.0 hubs with 12 volt to switchable voltage output power adapters
    Multi-panel w/: 25x4 card reader, 2x USB 2.0, external HDD enclosure and audio connection. Your choice of either silver or black face panel
    Power and ACC wire harness pre fused and with battery ring terminal.
    installation manual
    MCS CarPC

    * Windows7 ultimate 30 day trial installed (or I can wipe it out...your call)
    * 802.11a/b/g/Draft-N wireless network adapter with external antenna
    * 1.6GHz Dual Core Atom 330 CPU
    * redesigned aluminum Mini ITX chassis w 6 USB ports, Reset switch, audio connections, ethernet, printer, VGA, mouse and key board
    * M2-ATX automotive grade power supply w/ automatic start up and shutdown with adjustable timing (currently set to 15 second shut off time)
    * 160G 2.5" SATA hard drive
    * Intel D945GCLF2 motherboard
    * 2048Mb/2Gb DDR2 RAM
    * Exclusive vibration and shock resistant hard drive mounting system
    * Regulated 12v output for LCD monitor power
    * 7 pin S-video output
    * VGA video output for high resolution monitors
    * RCA audio outputs
    * Locking power harness

    Items of note:
    I've got Windows 7 Ultimate installed on this PC. I can do one of two things before this goes out. Throw a new windows7 install on there and let you come up with a key or wipe it out altogether for you to put whatever OS you want on it.

    you'll need to provide your own hard drive for the external enclosure. This is NOT for the main hard drive...this is for an additional drive. I used it for my music. There's a lock feature on that drive that I cant seem to locate the key for but truth be told, it was always kind of a PITA. I'd just bypass it.

    I've got the audio cable to get the jacks on the front of the multipanel connected to the mother board but I never bothered. Seamed redundant to me.

    The regulated 12 volt suply is meant for the monitor and will act as a remote line would for an amp. Leave the monitor on and that signal will power and switch on the monitor. And regarding remote amp control....that too is incorporated in the power harness.

    I also incorporated the power for the USB hubs into that harness. It's color coded so you'll be able to tell which connections I'm talking about. Either use it or some kind of AC power plug splitter in conjunction with the regulated 12 volt output for the monitor. Either way, the switched voltage supply's are both set to 6 volt for those two USB hubs. Works like a charm! heck of a PC system. If you have questions...ask away!
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    Here's how I had mine installed in case anyone is interested....Forgot to mention there's an external sound card that I can throw in. It didn't occure to me to include it because of the relocated volumn knob. I ahd the volume control installed in the former 12 volt outlet little project. Better solutions? Sure, but the Creative xFi 5.1 is a hell of a card!


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      Pm sent.


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        PM replied!

        A few good questions have come up that I thought everyone would benefit from knowing the answers to.
        the Hard drive is a Toshiba MK1652GSX and it is in fact a 5400 RPM spinner

        The WiFi is an on board chipset with an external antenna with enough extension that you can mount it anywhere in you car you want.
        The onboard sound card is a realtech something or other...don't recall. But it does have RCA preamp outputs and they're located right on the PC case. Aditionaly, the Soundblaster xFi5.1 ALSO has preamp outputs on it and sounds wonderful.

        Of important note. this is not just another unfinished project. I had this in my car, working for 9 months before I sold the car. It performed very well! I did not build this PC myself, rather I bought a ready-to-run machine from Mobile Computing Solutions. Here are some interior shots of how the PC is put together

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        And...I have an instruction manual for the PC and all it's little internal tid bits....with, i might add, sufficient coffee staining to prove that I actually used it for my install! lol


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          Thanks for all the great PMs guys!