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Opus Case and PC and Opus 150w PS

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  • Opus Case and PC and Opus 150w PS

    Opus PC complete minus HD. Panasonic Slot load DVD-R DVR-K05
    I-Base MB896F-R
    Pentium Centrino 1.7mhz
    1gb Ram
    Opus 120 power supply.
    Hard drive adapter for either IDE or Sata HD.


    Opus 150w PS. Comes with Shuttle XPC mount and regular mount (if I can dig it out) Shown is XPC mount.


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    2007 Tahoe
    Opus with iBase 896 and Pentium M 735 Transflective Xenarc Alpine DVA-9861, PXA-H900, Sinfoni 45X2 (2) 90x2, Genesis Dual Mono, JL 1000/1 (2), Focal Be tweeters, ScanSpeak Revelator Mids, Dynaudio MW170, Dayton 12" Ref.

    My Install