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Opus 320, Xenarc 1020TSV in custom molded dash for 05+ Tacoma

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  • Opus 320, Xenarc 1020TSV in custom molded dash for 05+ Tacoma

    Access Cab sub enclosure w/ JL8
    Not much to say, 5 years old, had it custom made with a leather top and grey carpet to match the interior. Still hits just as it did when I got it.

    Custom molded dash w/ 10Ē Xenarc 1020TSV touchscreen
    This is as close to plug and play as you are going to get if you are going the car computer route. This dash is posted all over random forums, so I donít really need to hype it up. The only thing you will need to do (aside from running all the wiring) is swap in your passenger airbag keyswitch (if you have one). I sent the screen in last year to have Xenarc upgrade the internals with the new touchscreen board, other than that, it hasnít been touched since I put it in the truck 5 years ago. All of the wiring is included, if I can find the remote that came with it, I will throw that in the box as well. Please donít buy this without a little bit of wiring knowledge, but that is to be expected if you are planning on putting a computer in your truck.

    This is a direct replacement for your 05+ Tacoma dash, take the old one out, put this in, start plugging stuff in =)
    $800 (I was offered 1k for this when it was in the truck, figured 800 is a good place to start, idk)

    BU-353 USB GPS Antenna
    4 years old. Replaced older GPS antenna with this one, has been flawless ever since.

    OPUS 320W Intelligent DC-DC PSU
    Zero problems with this power supply, itís a beast, nothing more to really say. Comes with all the wiring needed to get it going.

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    Interested in the opus if still for sale. Send pm, thanks mate


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      assuming the opus is not for sale anymore?