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FS: various carputer parts, M2-ATX, EBY701-NP, BU-353, OBDII

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  • FS: various carputer parts, M2-ATX, EBY701-NP, BU-353, OBDII

    I decided to sell my car and I want to sell the carputer separately. I am getting rid of everything except the computer (its being re-purposed as an HTPC)
    Below is a list of whats for sale and the price. The prices are just a guess at what they are worth, if i am way off lets talk about it. I installed everything in May of 2010 and pulled everything out last week (10/30/11). All parts were in perfect working condition when I removed them. There is no warranty on these items and they are sold "as is". The parts can be picked up locally and I would knock a few bucks off for not having to ship them. I will ship anywhere in the US, but at the cheapest rate possible. If you want it faster we can discuss compensation for a faster shipping rate. I also have a license for Centrafuse 3 NA that I am not using... not sure if I can sell that. If anyone is interested I will contact Centrafuse to see about transferring the license. I spent $150, but if I can sell it I only want $60 for it.

    price dropped($45 shipped) M2-ATX 160W Intelligent DC-DC PSU [Accessories:P4-12V to P4-12V Cable]
    12v-24v Computer Quick Release Power Cable Kit M2-MTR-5-PWR

    (SOLD) BU-353 Weather-proof GPS Receiver

    price dropped($45 shipped) DC-Powered 4-Port USB Hub CNX-P5USB (12v and 24v systems)

    (SOLD) Double DIN Lilliput EBY701-NP/C/T 7" Touch Screen VGA + 10ft extension cable

    (SOLD) Crescent USB OBD2/EOBD Multi-Protocol Car Diagnostic Tool Auto Scanner + 6ft right angle extension (came out of an 06 VW GTI, works with CAN bus)

    I also have these guys
    I couldn't find my invoices for them so I don't know how much I spent or what the exact model numbers are.
    The FM tuner works in windows but I could never get Centrafuse to see it. I guess if you buy something else I will include one of these for free if you want it...

    FM tuner (no driver disk)

    Bluetooth (no driver disk but windows7 should find drivers it self)

    Local pick up available
    I am located in eastbay, northern CA

    Email me with questions/offers
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    Interested in the FM tuner.
    Could you give me the model number and give me an estimated price inc postage to Ireland plese?


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      I am interested in centrafuse. I would not need support from them so simply the serial number would work I believe.