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FS: Bybyte Enclosure, DSATX 220W, 400W amplifier, Clarion EQ/Crossover - OBO!

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  • FS: Bybyte Enclosure, DSATX 220W, 400W amplifier, Clarion EQ/Crossover - OBO!


    I bought a bunch of parts for an engineering project and now that the project is over I will be selling them.

    * First, a very very lightly used Bybyte Double Din Nano-ITX Carputer Enclosure in Medium Gray color. As you can see in the photo it was used to mount a Sure 4x100W amp that is in another listing. So, the only way it's been used is a few holes have been drilled in the bottom and some of the wires have been spliced onto (still totally usable). All the other parts are present (like the top, wiring harness, connectors, etc). The part is listed on the bybyte store at and at the MP3CAR store at I paid $69.50 shipped just a few months ago. I'm setting the price at $30 OBO and you pay the price of shipping which shouldn't be more than $10. If you want to make an offer then feel free, I don't want to hang onto this for long.

    * Second, the SURE 4*100 watt @ 4ohm, TK2050 D-class Audio Amplifier Board that is in the same picture. It is a highly rated amplifier BUT it isn't designed for use in the car. I hooked it up to a 12v source (battery and psu both) and it worked great, very very good sound. But, I can't guarantee it will work perfectly in a car environment. It also was barely used and comes with all the parts including original box. I paid $49.70 just a couple months ago so I'll take $20 + shipping OBO. You can see more info on this amplifier here.

    * Third, a Clarion EQS746 1/2 DIN Graphic Equalizer with Built-in Crossover. This is quite good and has several inputs (see the amazon listing for more specs and lots of great reviews). I paid $48.00 for this a couple months ago, again, barely used and all parts included including original box. I'm asking $20 + shipping OBO.

    * Last, a DSATX 220W PSU. I bought this several years ago and it's a relic from an old abandoned build. It is in great condition and includes a serial brainstem so it can be programmed more completely. I did have to drill out one of the screw holes in order to remove it from the case. There is still visible metal ring around the hole, however I will test it as well as I can before shipment. See below for return policy. I paid full price for this, whatever that was 3 years ago. I'm selling it for $80 + shipping OBO.

    I will combine shipping on any of these parts and I will offer 5 days from when you receive the items to fully test them and return them to me for a full refund if for any reason they don't work (this is mainly for the DSATX since it is the only part with "damage"; though the damage shouldn't affect anything, I'm offering this to ease your minds). Also, shipping insurance will be required on all these parts. You can look up my seller feedback on eBay under law.bradford.

    Let me know if you want any other info or photos.

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      Thanks SNOtwistR, all items sold.
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