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7" Transflective Optically Bonded Sunlight Readable Lilliput 669GLin a ByByte Double

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  • 7" Transflective Optically Bonded Sunlight Readable Lilliput 669GLin a ByByte Double

    Originally purchased from wwwdotmo-co-sodotcom

    For sale is a slightly used 7" Transflective Optically Bonded Sunlight Readable Lilliput 669GL.
    It is in excellent condition and works perfectly.
    It comes pre-installed in a Bybyte Double-Din Frame with IR input in the front.

    This costs almost $700 shipped on Ebay or from Mo-Co-So.
    My BIN is much cheaper.

    Ebay Link:


    Our Optically Bonded 669GL incorporates several of the latest optical enhancements that have been carefully selected to work in unison to create the best possible performance in direct sunlight. The only parts that go unmodified in the process are the LCD control board and the plastic housing. All of the other parts are removed and replaced with their higher performance counterparts. The first thing to go is the stock 250 nit LCD panel. In its place is a 450 nit sunlight readable panel. The next thing to go is the cheap touch panel. We replace it with a hardened industrial grade touch panel that employs multiple technologies to not only eliminate glare but also reduce the amount of ambient light that actually reaches the LCD panel without effecting the picture quality. If we stopped there we would have a great Transflective monitor, but we wanted to take it to the next level and make an amazing monitor. To do that we took the extra step of optically bonding the whole panel. The bond that is formed during this process eliminates the air gap between the LCD panel and touch panel that is responsible for added glare, reflection, and loss of contrast/washout in high ambient lighting conditions. The final result is an amazing picture even in direct sunlight. The comparison pictures above speak for themselves.


    Eliminates a minimum of 99.8% of all glare
    Full Optical Bond
    4 wire restive touch screen with circular polarizer's, AR and AG coatings
    Viewable in direct sunlight
    7” TFT LCD Color Car Monitor 5 way adjustable LED back lighting
    High Resolution, Wide Viewing Angle, with native 15:9 screen ratio
    Menu Language Options: Chinese/English/French/Russian/German
    Patch cable has standard VGA connection for video and USB for touch screen.
    Auxiliary RCA Audio and 2x RCA Video Inputs for Rear View Camera and Gaming Systems

    Technical Specifications

    Screen Size: Diagonal 7” / 178mm 1152000 pixels
    Supported Resolution: 800 x 480 up to 1920 x 1080
    Screen Ratio: 16:9
    Contrast Ratio: 500:1
    Brightness: 450 cd/m2 (Nits)
    Viewing Angle: 45/60(Up/Down), 65/65(Left/Right)
    Input Voltage: 11-13vDC
    Power Consumption: <9W
    Outer Dimensions: 186 122 32mm W x H x D
    Color System: PAL-4.43 / NTSC-3.58
    Audio Output: >100mA
    Weight: 474g / 1lb 1oz
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    My 2007 Yukon XL setup.

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    Price lowered.
    My 2007 Yukon XL setup.