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  • WTB: Lilliput parts

    Hi there!

    I have 2 lilliput touchscreens -- neither one has a functioning touch screen overlay thingy, so I need two of those. In addition, I need the wide control panel (the ones with the buttons) for one of them. They are the same screen (7") but they are a different model.. Here are the identifiable bits on the screens:

    SCREEN 1
    AT070TN83 V.1 AA0700010161 S/N 8013-061-000ZL (Back of the LCD)

    SCREEN 2
    HITACHI TX1D11VM1CAA 6072T 88958 (Back of the LCD)
    SX7NT68521-1 07-12-17 (on PCB)

    I (obviously) forgot the model of each of these units, but hopefully someone out there will recognize them. If not, I can dig a little deeper and try to find the exact model number. They key difference between the two units is how the touch screen overlay connects to the main board -- they have two different connectors. I uploaded a photo of the back of each unit, and in it you should be able to see the bare connector for the touch screen overlay.

    Anyway, does anyone have a touchscreen overlay for one or both of these units? How about the button board? Thanks yall

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    The top unit is an LED 629 or 701. They both use the same LCD panel and controller. My bet is the 629 since the power connector is on the controller, not a separate board like the 701 uses.
    Button boards have the same connection, but are physically different.

    8.00 for the TP and 10.00 for the button board w/cable

    The bottom unit is a CCFL 701.

    9.00 for the TP.

    Shipping is 7.00 USPS Priority Mail