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Quite a few items for sale, entire CarPC, Transflective 7" Capactive screen - etc

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  • Quite a few items for sale, entire CarPC, Transflective 7" Capactive screen - etc

    Ok so I have an opportunity to start up a small business out of my home and looking for some funds to get that going. So for now the CarPC setup is being postponed for a few months and I'm selling off the stuff I've put together to fund the business for now. I'm going to offer the CarPC as a complete bundle with everything, and then I have a couple packages I can sell together as well.

    A) First is the PC it self. Here are the pieces

    AMD Phenom II 960T 90W
    Kingston Technology HyperX 8 GB (2x4 GB Modules) 1600 MHz DDR3 Dual Channel Kit
    ASUS M4A78LT-M LE Motherboard
    XION - Slim MATX case
    M4-ATX with SFX enclosure (250w, 300w max version)
    2.5" 120GB SATA 5400rpm
    2.5" 250GB SATA 5400rpm

    B) Next is an audio bundle, this is a pretty nice setup and includes

    M-Audio Firewire 410 sound card. Has 10outputs and 4 inputs.
    PCI-Express IEE1394 firewire 800 card, based on TI chipset has 2 1394b and 1 1394a port.
    Set of custom 1/4" TRS to RCA shielded wires (Techflexed, heatshrinked, labeled) enough for a full active 3 way setup (Mid,High,Low from the fronts, one cable for sub out) and a pair for input connections for a HD Radio or what not.

    -I had this setup running on my bench through an amp and it was working awesomely and sounded pretty dang good. The software I was running with was Virtual Audio Cable, Audio Mulch, and I used a VST plugin called Crossover. The nice thing about this setup is you can do all the time alignment and stuff right there, can boost gains and what not, even do an EQ on each individual channel as long as you have the processing power. You can completely dial in each speaker and not just a group of speakers! It's really a nice setup once you get it running.

    C) Next is a wireless sort of bundle. Included is sharkfin antenna that does Wifi, GPS, and Cell
    Adapter cables for Wifi and GPS to connect to sharkfin antenna
    CSR Based Bluetooth dongle (compatible with Centrafuse)
    Rosewill RNX-N180UBE wifi adapter
    Startach PCI dual slot PCMCIA adapter
    GlobalSat BC-337 PCMCIA GPS receiver (SIRFIII)

    -Basically everything you need for wifi/gps/bluetooth.

    D) Next is an HD Radio Package includes

    Visteon HDZoom HD Radio kit
    MJS USB HDRadio adapter

    E) Last but not least!
    Liliput 629GL transflective sunlight readable LCD with multi-touch capacitive touch panel. Works great, looks great, touch panel is amazing! This is the CCFL model so you'll have to custom mold it into your dash. It comes with the original enclosure box remote and everything even the dash mount. I can take pics if you'd like.

    So pricing for this stuff
    A) $325 shipped, setup to run in the car already and works great off the M4-ATX
    B) $130 shipped
    C) $130 shipped
    D) $40 shipped
    E) $250 shipped firm

    All of this stuff is lightly used. I was setting it all up on my desk and it's never actually been in the car yet. If you want to bundle items together we can do that as well. Included shipping is for the lower 48 states.
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    If needed I can take better pictures, my camera phone lens was dirty when I took these.


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      Offers are accepted of course.


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        If someone wants everything but the screen I'd make a pretty awesome deal just to get it gone. Even with the screen I could probably knock a nice chunk off.


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          where are you located?


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            Sorry I thought I had that on my profile, I'm in Ohio.


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              bugger.. postage to aus would be too much
              always is..


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                Originally posted by Sledge1 View Post
                bugger.. postage to aus would be too much
                always is..
                Well depends on which part you are interested in? If it can fit into one of their flat rate boxes it wouldn't be too bad.


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                  Was thinking of the screen.. Though a bit pricy for my liking as well.postage would be to Adelaide,SA


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                    Well the transflective work isn't cheap, and we can work something out possibly. I can check on shipping though.


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                      Bumped some prices down a bit,

                      if anyone wants everything I think I could do like 700? Just to get it all gone in one go. That's like 275 less then what I'm asking.

                      If someone is looking for a lower powered setup, I can swap some parts around between my HTPC and have this with 2gb of DDR2 and a 65watt dual core CPU. Price would be a bit cheaper, so that's an option for anyone possibly looking for a CarPC setup.
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                        Wanted to add, the audio package includes the M-Audio Firewire 410 which is fantastic for taking measurements and TrueRTA and what not as it has the phantom supply built in and everything. Can even do dual mics with it. That was a 300 dollar sound card at one point.


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                          Prices now include shipping to the lower 48 states.


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                            Someone requested a picture of the LCD setup.

                            What you're seeing here is,
                            7" LCD which has 2 cables coming out of it, one is an extended IR receiver, the other is the USB cable for the Capacitive touch panel.
                            DC and AC power supplies. The DC one has a PC molex connector on it currently.
                            Wiring harness that connects to the back of the LCD
                            Remote still in the shrink wrap
                            Original box

                            What you see on the screen in this picture is a glare/reflection. Screen looks great in person with no real scratches or anything that I can see.


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                              Prices lowered, probably not going to lower them much more on most of it unless it's bought bundled together. $275 shipped for a transflective LCD is pretty dang good though......