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DLS MS6a 6.5" Component Speakers, Phenomenal Sound Quality

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  • DLS MS6a 6.5" Component Speakers, Phenomenal Sound Quality

    Item(s) for Sale:

    I have a set of used DLS MS6a component speakers (1 pair of woofers, tweeters, and crossovers) that I just pulled out of my car.
    I ran these for 3 years with zero problems, and the only reason I am selling them is because I switched to the Hybrid Audio Clarus speakers to try something new. Truth be told, even at less than half the price, these DLS's give the Hybrid Audios a run for their money. The midbass pounds when installed into a properly deadened door, and I actually prefer the smoothness of the DLS tweeters over my Hybrids.

    The speakers have been driven off 100 watts RMS, high-passed at 63hz with no problems. They have
    never been clipped, shorted, etc. I believe they are capable of handling up to 150W RMS.

    In the package, I will include both sets of woofers, tweeters, and sturdy crossovers as well as the original speaker grills, tweeter housings, and original packaging.

    Item(s) Description/Condition:

    As mentioned, these are in perfect working condition. The tweeters are silk domed so they do have some minor imperfections but I have not found this to affect SQ at all. Also, when I was removing the speakers, I found that the shop that I hired to relocate my crossovers put a small ding into one of the speaker cones. Thankfully has not affected the sound quality of the speaker and I did not even notice the defect until I went to remove the speakers from my doors.


    Power Handling:
    Peak: 320 watts per set / 160 watts each side
    RMS: 200 watts per set / 100 watts each side
    Metal cone woofer
    Rubber surround
    1.1" Silk dome tweeter
    Crossovers with selectable tweeter level in three steps
    Filter box with 6/12 dB slope (LP/HP)
    4 ohms impedance
    3.94" Wide magnet
    Top-mount depth: 2.64"


    $100 shipped with insurance and tracking. You can view my ebay feedback under the same username and I am paypal verified.

    I honestly don't think you can get a better sounding set of components at this price, and I originally paid $250 for these when I purchased them.

    Item Pictures:

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    awesome speakers, if someone doesnt snatch em up i'll make them a good fathers' day present for myself Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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      Originally posted by Sonicxtacy02 View Post
      awesome speakers, if someone doesnt snatch em up i'll make them a good fathers' day present for myself
      well im moving in about a week and a half so let me know! i really am sad to see them go. this is the longest i ever ran a single set of speakers, to be honest. whoever takes them is getting a steal.


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