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FS: My Mazda 6 Car Computer (2009)

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  • FS: My Mazda 6 Car Computer (2009)

    I am selling my Mazda 6 Car Computer. Its bad *** running CentraFuse 4.2 on it. The mp3car stereo is an actual computer with a software frontend. It also has RideRunner on it as well. Pick your front end.

    Overall spent nearly $1500 getting everything done. Willing to part with it for way less. Built a little over a year ago.

    Mazda 6 CarPC Ride Runner Elite Lite 1.6.6 - YouTube

    In the video the PC was running XP SP3 with RideRunner FrontEnd, but now is running Windows 7 with CentraFuse. Its also been cleaned up in the trunk.


    Intel Atom Mount Washington platform (Dual Core) and features a 1.8Ghz Dual Core Atom 525 CPU. The PC is packed full of the latest hardware including Black Box Mobile Mini ITX Chassis, Intel D525MW motherboard, M2-ATX Smart automotive grade PSU with automatic start up an shutdown, 2Gb of DDR3 800MHz RAM, Internal Bluetooth and B/G Band Wifi with external antenna.

    With it comes a 7" Liliput Touchscreen monitor, pre-built into a Metra Dual Din kit. You can literally take out your factory stereo and place this one directly in.

    I will make the original XM PCR part of the package as well as the GPS antenna. The software installed for a frontend (CentraFuse) was a little over $100 and just purchased with Navigation. It also has iGuidance paid for on it in full as well.

    Things you can do with the CarPC are:
    • Bluetooth your phone
    • Connect you ipod, mp3 player
    • Tether to your phones internet
    • Anything you can do on your home PC
    • XM & Sirius Radio [mainly what I use it for]
    • GPS
    • Connect a Bluetooth OBD2 to it and get readouts and alerts on screen! TPM, etc.
    • My biggest thing was storing music on the HDD as well.
    • Pull into your driveway and sync folders (music, etc) out to your car when you pull up

    I know nice, right! That was my other reason I started using a CarPC. Wi-Fi auto connect and auto-sync is an awesome thing.

    Almost anything and everything you could want to do.

    Ive had it for a little over a year now, and I'm getting ready to upgrade to a new system. You can find a video of it here:

    • Exclusive vibration and shock resistant hard drive mounting system
    • All of the connections are on a single side to maximize mounting options and space
    • The ability to add a standard PCI card allows you to add additional devices to your Carputer like another sound card or dual output graphics card. The ability to support dual hard drives allows you to keep all of your critical system files on a small low cost solid state hard drive and all of your media on a low cost high capacity notebook hard drive. Solid State hard drives boot faster and are more reliable then standard notebook drives in an automotive environment.
    • Metal locking power harness. All of the other cases on the market for automotive use use cheaper inferior plastic power harnesses.
    • A 5v output to power USB hubs or other high power USB devices such as an external DVD drive. A regulated 12v/3A output to power standalone touch screen monitors (or other devices 12v devices).
    • We also include a 5m/16.25' power cable to connect to your monitor.
    • The standard 2.5/5mm barrel plug will fit all standalone Lilliput/Xenarc monitors and most other monitors.
    • RCA jacks are located as far away from the PSU as possible to maximize the sound quality and minimize interference.
    • The case is so strong you can run it over with a car
    • Internal Class A Bluetooth
    • Internal B/G Band 802.11 with external antenna and 2m/6' extension

    If anything else I hope I stoked your interest in the CarPC world. You can learn more by going over to and looking the forums. Tons of projects and work going into cars over there for audio.

    Be sure to check out Elite Lite 2 Skin for Ride Runner, cannot wait for the final of that to be released!

    Send offers to me here or [email protected]
    The transaction will be done securely through PayPal.
    Everything will be shipped insured.