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Full CarPC (AMD E450 APU dual core 1.6GHz 4GB, 64GB SSD + Lilliput 669GL) + CF

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  • Full CarPC (AMD E450 APU dual core 1.6GHz 4GB, 64GB SSD + Lilliput 669GL) + CF


    Not sure if I am allow eBay links on here?? Anyway, I am selling my carPC+Monitor. AMD E450 APU, dual core 1.65GHz Radeon 6320video, 4GB Mem, 64GB SSD, VoomPC Case, GPS etc + Lilliput 669GL in a ByByte double DIN frame, with all the gubbins. No OS. Cost well over a grand hoping to get half that for it now...

    On Ebay:



    In Car Computer (CarPC), Used but in good condition. The PC unit is designed for boot or underseat installation. while the screen is fitted into a ByByte double DIN adapter for in dash fitting. The two connect together with a supplied cable that carries video and USB for the touch screen. Original purchase price was well over 1000

    Selling due to new vehicle with non standard DIN aperture.

    Please note that it is neither quick nor simple to install this unit in your car! You will need to be competent with 12V systems, and able to solder wires together in order to complete the install. It in doubt, seek the assistance of a professional to assist with the installation. A competent professional would require an entire day to complete the install. All photo's were taken at the time of the auction and show the item working at the time of sale.


    Fitted into a CarPC specific 'VoomPC' case, specification is as follows:

    - VoomPC Car PC Specific case
    - M2-ATX CarPC specific Power supply
    - MSI E350IA-E45 Mini ITX Motherboard, AMD Hudson M1 E450 CPU with Radeon 6320 video built in
    - 4GB (2x2GB) DDR3 1333MHz Memory
    - Crucial M4 64GB SSD - for fast booting
    - HDMI and VGA outputs
    - 2x rear USB3.0
    - 2x front USB2.0
    - 6x rear USB 2.0
    - SP/Dif out (optical and coaxial)
    - Front/rear/sub/etc Audio out via 3.5mm jacks
    - Sony Optiarc slot loading DVD re-writer
    - Keyboard connections
    - Amp remote output cable
    - Permanent 12V supply input
    - Switched 12V input (to have unit autostart when ignition turned on)
    - NO OPERATING SYSTEM (suggest Win8.1 because it boots and resumes from sleep faster than Win7)
    - Licence for CENTRAFUSE Car PC front end V4.3 (I will change my account details to that of auction winner)
    - Additional cable added from Car PC unit for 12V output. I powered the screen from this.
    - Motherboard driver CD's (but I suggest you download the latest)
    - Short Power-supply cable (you will need to extend this)
    - Boots In 20secs (win8)
    - Resumes from Hibernation in 15 secs (win 8)
    - Starts from sleep in about 7 secs (Win 8) all times include BIOS time
    - In S3 sleep, it draws about 150mA from battery
    - In operation it takes about 2A (Idle)

    Lilliputt 669GL

    - Lilliputt 669GL-70NP/C/T 7" Touch screen monitor
    - Bought from the US, pre-mounted in a ByByte double DIN frame for installation into a vehicle
    - Includes a cable that may be connected to reverse gear and a reversing camera for auto switch-over
    - Includes HDMI and DVI cables which incorporate the USB cable for the touch screen
    - 800x480 native resolution, but works well using higher interpolated resolutions (1280x800 etc)
    - Touch screen is 4 wire resistive
    - US mains PSU included (adapter required)
    - Short DC cable which you will need to extend
    - Screen manual and driver CD (go online to download latest. Note CD is too small for slot-load drive!).

    Sundries - As well as the above, the following is also included

    - My CD of latest drivers (downloaded august 2013)
    - GlobalSat USB GPS reciever (see My own drivers CD for drivers, no Win8 driver, but Vista driver works)
    - USB microphone (for voice commands to Centrafuse). This needs bluetack to keep it in right position in car!
    - Bluetooth dongle

    Items NOT INCLUDED Which may be required in order to complete the install

    Much of this can be bought at your local maplin

    - Keyboard/Mouse
    - Bench power supply (for cheapness, I suggest you buy a 12V fridge supply, and 12V fridge cable, then cut off connector, and add bullet crimps. GET POLARITY RIGHT!!). See links below.
    - Multimeter with both voltage and current readings
    - Soldering iron/solder
    - heat shrink tubing + heat gun
    - DC cable (10/15A figure 8) use heat shrink to double insulate and prevent chaffing
    - Fuse to fuse this at source, suggest 5A
    - HDMI extension cable (unless installing display and PC within about 1.5M of one another
    - WINDOWS or other operating system
    - Bullet crimps + Crimp tool



    MP3Car Car PC Forum: (lots of help here)
    Centrafuse forum:
    RideRunner Alternative CarPC Front end:

    Fridge PSU:
    Fridge Cable: (cut off connector, install bullet crimps, connect to short cable on car PC) ENSURE TO GET +/- the right way around!).
    VOOM PC Case: