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WTT my notebook for mini itx board

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  • WTT my notebook for mini itx board


    Compaq 2594 notebook pc ( )

    2.4 GHz celeron procesor
    512MB RAM (64 devoted to ati radeon igp 345m graphics adapter)
    30GB hard drive
    Battery with 2hour average life
    AC adapter
    Upgraded with internal intel wifi mini-pci card
    dvd/cd-rw drive
    floppy drive
    pcmcia slot
    nic/56kmodem/3usb ports(belive only 1.1 might be 2.0)/ps2 kb/mouse port/ parallel port/vga out/svideo out

    no major marks on unit. it's served well, but i'm no longer in school and i just don't use this anymore. Currently using an epia 800 mini itx board but it's terrible at video decoding both dvd and divx/xvid which is what i want for my car pc project

    toss me an offer, looking for mobo/cpu/ram that's capable of running xp pro, decode dvd divx/xvid. i'm using an m2-atx dc-dc psu and don't have a case yet, probably just mounting inside a 10"sub woofer box so a barebones with case would be ideal.

    I know this laptop isn't a powerhouse by any means, but if somebody needed a notebook and had some spare (working) parts lying around, this might be good for the both of us!

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    DAMN it...and i just traded my mini itx...
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      PM sent
      Underconstruction for 2007 !!!!


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        got a couple pm's already, still waiting to see pictures from those interested. Keep em comin'

        keep in mind with your offers i want to be able to decode dvd and divx files. also could use external dvd drive if you'd have any not being used


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          u have another pm!!
          BASSRR ==> [Audio Player/MusicDB/Cd Player/Ripper/Rate/Internet Radio/Audio Capture/Youtube Video]
          RRTube ==> [View/Download Youtube Videos]
          WifiMan ==> [Wifi Manager]
          RRec ==> [Audio Capture]

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            Just sealed a deal. If things fall through I'll reply to those that PM'd me in the order I received. Thanks for the inquiries


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              just wanted to show props to a-day for a quick honest trade.


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                Laptop is here and it Rocks ! Thanks
                Underconstruction for 2007 !!!!