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FS: AOpen MiniPC MP915, AU Optronics 7" LCD

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  • FS: AOpen MiniPC MP915, AU Optronics 7" LCD

    I abandoned my CarPC project and am trying to sell what I've accumulated. Both these items are "like new" and have never been used in a vehicle. They were removed from their boxes, set up, tested, put away, and not touched since.

    1. Aopen MiniPC MP915 $400.
    • Celeron M 360 1.4GHz CPU
    • 40GB 5400rpm Hard Drive
    • 512MB DDR2
    • Onboard sound w/SPDIF header (no external connector for SPDIF).
    • Onboard GMA900 video with DVI or VGA output.
    • DVD CD/RW Slot-in Combo Drive
    • Atheros Super G 108Mbps 802.11a/b/g Mini-PCI internal wireless

    Or I will sell it for $375 WITHOUT wireless card (but will leave the antenna connector).

    It is NEAR MINT IN BOX. It is perfect, flawless, EXCEPT a few tiny scratches ON THE REAR that don't even really show up in a photo and no one would see it.

    Pic 1
    Pic 2
    Pic 3 - arrows pointing to the teensy weensy scratches

    NO OS LICENSE INCLUDED. Windows Vista Home Premium TRIAL has been installed for testing purposes. This nice PC will do 800x480 in both XP and Vista so it's great for Car PC use.

    SOLD 2. AU Optronics 7" TFT Touchscreen LCD $280.
    This is a bare, naked LCD. What makes it special is it's the brightest LCD you can get, much brighter than Lilliput or Xenarc, or at least that was the case back when I got it. The picture is very sharp and photos don't do it any justice. It is the LCD, driving board, inverter and touchscreen USB interface (uses TouchKit drivers). It has a serial port for flash upgrades and customization. It also has an IR receiver on the keypad, but I don't know the codes. It supports 800x480 and I will supply the timings necessary (works great @native res with the above MiniPC too).

    Pic of all the parts
    Pic next to Moto RAZR phone - This pic was taken it a lit room. The room looks dark because the LCD's brightness reduced camera exposure, but in reality everything is much brighter. You can see it is quite a bit brighter than the RAZR phone.

    3. BRAND NEW UG-200 USB 12-Channel NMEA-0183 GPS Receiver $40

    S&H is extra, I will only charge actual shipping. I prefer PayPal. For credit/debit cards, please add 3% for PayPal fees.

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    Do you know what the actual nit rating is of the Optronics?
    S60 Install


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      LCD is sold.


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        lol good to know
        S60 Install


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          interested. Is it still available?

          Hey i see this thing has a mini pci slot according to its specs and iw as just wondering if it takes a regular sized pci card. Also what is the video ram for the on board VGA? and would it be adequate enough for viewing videos and NAVi without any lag in a car.

          Let me know and my offer is 300$ + shipping.

          Thank You.


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            Sorry to be so slow to check in, it seems my email notification no longer works?!?!

            Anyway, to answer your question it does not take regular sized PCI cards, only Mini ones (the type used in laptops). I will have to get back to you on the video RAM. I know it shares system memory but I don't know how much. It is more than fast enough for videos and navi.


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              ill give you $40 shipped for the ug-200, shipped to 41093. get back to me


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                btw can i get some pics of the gps unit.


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                  Originally posted by darkdrake View Post
                  btw can i get some pics of the gps unit.
                  Here's a pic:

                  Oh yeah, it's also magnetic!


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                    whats your paypal.... ive got the money ready to go...