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FS: AOpen PC, Ram, PCI Raiser, Lan Card(s)

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  • FS: AOpen PC, Ram, PCI Raiser, Lan Card(s)

    ok.. I got some stuff I dont need so somebody else might..

    All of the stuff is brand new except for the Aopen "PC" or whatever's left of it...

    PC2-4200 512MB RAM - $65 Shipped

    PCI Raiser - $10 Shipped

    Lan Cards - $5 each or both for $10 shipped

    The Aopen, I really don't know what to ask since it's in such a weird condition... it was modified to fit a car and then it didn't work out.. the PC still starts up and runs but we couldn't get any video signal after a while. The ram can fit into this btw... so I'm gonna ask $50 bucks plus whatever shipping comes out to be EDIT: as I told dasaint80: my friend bought this and at the end just gave it to me because I made him another PC... so yeah, I dont the cables, CD, the cover is cut out/broken.. no CD Drive... so basically you get:
    CPU (forgot the speed but it wasn't anything impressive)
    RAM (if you want it)
    If you power it up, it starts up but the monitor says there's no video signal... we tried everything and no success

    So I just wanted to make sure you know all the details first

    I prefer PayPal... of course lol.. PM me for the address if needed

    any questions just ask
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    what speed is the processor? PM sent

    all the cables?
    My Car!