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Sharp LQ64D343 LCD Display

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  • Sharp LQ64D343 LCD Display

    Sharp LQ64D343 LCD. I have 10 available for sell. I am planning to post them on here as well as e-bay for $50.00 each. In addition to the above mentioned, I also have 10 Sharp LQ10D368
    10.4" monitors for sell. Also $50.00 each plus shipping. All of these are new with the protective film still on screen face. They do not have the controller that is why they are priced at only $50.00.

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    Do they include controllors?
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      you need controllers.... they range from $250 & up with all the cables & inverter you'll need to run those lcds...

      google lcd controller board & see...

      there is NO WAY AROUND THIS before you even ask, you CAN NOT just wire it up any other way....

      no need to send me a screen for the info
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