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WTB: Completer Carpc setup

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  • WTB: Completer Carpc setup

    Hey everyone i'm new to the forum and carpcs in general..but i just got my tax return check and would like to splurge on myself a little. I'm lookin for just a basic 1ghz carpc that can do music, dvd, and eventually maybe handle gps, not a must tho and a screen, size doesn't matter to much atleast 6inches. I'm lookin to spend no more than 400$-500$ Well thanks ahead of time for checkin in.

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    I have an entire system for you, but it would be closer to $700. It would include a new 7" Xenarc, which is the best screen to have. Anyway, if you decide to spend more let me know.


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      I have a pc I'm looking to get rid of. It's small form factor, so it's not as small as the mini-itx pc's, but it's rock solid. I also have a Creative USB audio unit. I don't really have a screen you would want (unless you're interested in a xenarc non-vga molded into a Concorde center consol face plate).