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FS: Rare PDA w/ 640x480 4" TFT + 802.11b

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  • FS: Rare PDA w/ 640x480 4" TFT + 802.11b

    I'm sure somebody here wants this...

    I obtained a prototype unit of a high-end PDA project that got canned before it went to market. It has a 207 (something like that, anyway) MHz Strongarm processor, 16MBs memory, an internal PCMCIA slot with a Symbol 802.11b wireless card installed. It runs WinCE 3.0, and best of all, has a 4" 640x480 TFT display capable of 256 thousand colors. There's a touchscreen overlay on the TFT as well. Only problem with it is that there seems to be a bit of oil or something between the two touchscreen layers, which produces a sort of odd, slight roving oil-slick distortion on the screen. It's not all that noticeable, but it kinda bugs me. The TFT itself has no problems, and is easily removed from the unit for use elsewhere. You can find a link to a .pdf datasheet for the display <a href="">here</a>. Unit runs off lithium-ion batteries, and I can problably include a relatively fresh battery set and charger.

    I'd like to get $350 for it. The screen alone is worth more than that, plus you get the wireless card, etc. Use it as a PDA or use the screen and card in your own projects. <a href="mailto:[email protected]">E-mail</a> me if you want it, I don't check this forum enough anymore to respond to posts here.