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    Book PC Motherboard W/ Cele 633Mhz (can clock to 700) $125
    Generic ECS Micro ATX Board W/ PIII 450Mhz - $50
    Generic ECS Micro ATX Board W/ Cele Mhz - $30
    Toshiba Libretto 50ct Motherboard (p75, 16 ram) - $100

    any of this stuff of intrest to anyone? let me know and I'll post pictures etc
    -- WireSix, Inc. --
    MP3Car Lives Here!

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    I am intersted in the Libretto, please post some pics. Also, please descirbe the condition (case, screen, battery, etc) and list what is included.


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      the only thing incluced is the motherboard/processor and the 16mb ram that is on the motherboard... I have already sold the case and lcd
      -- WireSix, Inc. --
      MP3Car Lives Here!


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        how fast is that celly?
        Silver 1999 Nissan Pathfinder!
        Completion: [*********-] 90%
        Everything working! Mobile MP3s ROCK!
        LEFT TO DO: Improve power on circuit, fix slow boot time

        - 550mhz PIII on Abit BH6
        - 128MB RAM
        - 40x4 Backlit Character LCD
        - 17 key numeric keypad - Repainted buttons
        - 2.1GB laptop drive for OS
        - 4.3GB drive for MP3s Redesigned, new pics!