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For Sale for all you aussies. Complete mp3 car pc

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  • For Sale for all you aussies. Complete mp3 car pc

    Hey people its come to the time. I am selling my complete mp3 pc car player. The reason i am selling it is cause my car is getting converted to gas and i wont have any room for it in my boot anymore. The system works perfect and I can demo it to anyone that is interested in it. That's if anybody wants it. Ok in the package you get the main pc, which is a cut down atx case, which is 50% smaller in size than a normal atx desktop case. The pc consists of a intel p133 40mb ram 1.2gb hd 10mb smc network card soundblaster sound card and a 2mb s3 with TV out ( TV out so u can hook the pc up to a LCD screen in your car and use it like a normal pc ) The computer also runs with a atx power supply so it has all the advance features such as auto power down etc etc. The os is win98 se and I have used win 98 lite to cut down windows so I have removed all the junk ie 4 active desktop and turned of all the warnings. The computer is setup up perfect and if it does not power down for some reason it will just power back up without warning you about scandisk or any errors. The computer has been in my car for 6 months and I havnt had any problems with it such as hd failure etc etc. Oh yeah the computer also runs another program called win vnc its kinda hard to explain, but all I do is hook up my cat5 cable up to my network card in the computer in my car and the other end to the computer in my room or laptop and my computer in my house or laptop shows me the screen on the mp3 player and what its doing and I can control the mp3 pc from my laptop or pc in my house, say if I wanna change some of the songs on it etc etc.

    Also in the pack comes a ps2 keyboard, which has been extended to run from the boot of my car to sit under the passenger's side seat. Also in the package is a Jaycar 140-watt inverter which I was using to run the pc perfectly, no hissing sounds or interference nothing what so ever.

    Ok this complete package took me ages to make and all I am asking for it is $260.
    I would prefer Melbourne buyers only because of the size of the whole package and I can demo the pc running to any Melbourne buyers.

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    Oh yeah i nearly forgot pics of it can be found here


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      hey man

      Hey man what is the hieght of the case??
      I need to know to see if it will fit
      under 10 cm?
      Cheers Mosh


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        noooooo!!!!!!!! your not givin up on mp3car are ya? those pics look good too.... nice and neat result

        dont put a killer V8 on gas dude!
        Project - GAME OVER :(


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          Originally posted by magnetik

          dont put a killer V8 on gas dude!
          Its not a killer V8, its a HOLDEN!!!
          2 week temp ban (spam and complaining about deleted posts)
          register another account and you're gone for good.


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            GAS IS FOR BBQS

            surely the fuel consumption cant be that bad

            i run premo unleaded in my car and am lucky to get 300km to a tank but i no complain who cares about fuel consumption when you have secondaries lol

            GAS IS FOR BBQS

            donate to my team in the ****box rally all proceeds go to the cancer council


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              **** sorry about the reply delay dudes but i didnt get any emails to say that ppl had replied on the forums and i got my cable d/c a while ago I dont wanna give up the mp3 pc but i drive the car day in day out and i have heavy right foot and im gonna have to put it on gas cause it is costing me a ****load just to run.
              I still have the complete package but it will be taken out in a few weeks can be all yours for a new low price of $250


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                I will add to this fuel consumption problem. My fully worked 3.0L VL (see below) would be now lucky to get 350km to the tank on shell optimax (prob also due to my lead foot). I don't think the performance chip helps too much on consumption either.

                But who gives a toss! Your only young and stupid once!


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                  hey mp3 kid, ur a ****en tosser...anyone who thinks a holdens are **** is a complete dick.

                  let me guess...your a ford fan? HAHAHA...i laugh in your face.
                  Jarrod - Holden VX S!


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                    Il be lucky to get 300k's to a tank now and my tank is a long range 85l one
                    Plus i know im gonna lose a bit of power when i go to gas but the car goes good enough for me now and i have just put a full exchaust on the car with pacemaker exctartors so that should make up for the power loss.
                    The car before i had the exchaust on it would hold a wrx and a new 200sx side by side
                    So i aint complaining


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                      ur a ****en tosser
                      Hehehe, i guess we all posses a bit of that good old Aussie sang!

                      Up the Aussies!


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                        Oh yeah nearly forgot
                        FORD SUX


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                          dont get me started here

                          ba xr6 turbo is gonna wipe holden of the face of this earth
                          the new vy crumodores look like a cross between a excel and a lancer there fugly

                          anyway ford will kick some arse with there new cars

                          all the vy is is a vx with a new body there too cheap to spend money on making there crappy engines better



                          <---yes its a defect notice
                          donate to my team in the ****box rally all proceeds go to the cancer council


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                            Yeah pcman your right ford does have some killer motors coming out soon but holden will have something up there sleave they have to lol.

                            Hey nice pic of the canary you got. I shoulda taken a pic of the one i had a while ago


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                              hey mosh the case is 10.5 cm high. Hope this helps