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FS: touchscreen, pen tablet, lp3 mp3 decoder, gps

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  • FS: touchscreen, pen tablet, lp3 mp3 decoder, gps

    I have some stuff left still from my attempted install.

    Intellitouch 10.4" overlay - $40

    Intellitouch Serial controller - $50

    Gateway Connected Touchpad (hacked) w/AC adapter and wireless keyboard - $200

    Delorme Earthmate w/PS2 power adapter - $100

    Toshiba T200/CS Pen Tablet with Touchscreen with parallel port adapter, AC adapter, DC adapter - $60

    LP3 Parallel Port Mp3 decoder - $80

    I used the Toshiba T200 with the LP3 to play mp3s. The T200 has a 486/50mhz processor in it and a color screen. With the LP3 you can use a 386 to play mp3s. The LP3 is not sold anymore and it's almost impossible to find. It works with Linux, DOS, Winamp, and whatever you are able to program it to use.

    The Gateway Connected Touchpad works great. It will include the AC Adapter. I used WinME on it and it worked great. Everything worked, including the touchscreen. I am not including a hard drive with it but I will include the necessary cables to use a notebook hard drive or a desktop hard drive. It would be very easy to put this in a car because the only thing you need is a 19V DC adapter which are all over the place on Ebay. You can use just about any Gateway laptop DC adapter with this.

    Email me at [email protected] because I don't check my pm's too often. Thanks.

    1993 Probe GT
    Rio Car w/20gb