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FS: -NEW- ATX Desktop Case

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  • FS: -NEW- ATX Desktop Case

    Giving a heads up before I stick it on ebay

    ATX Desktop case
    Two 5.25" (plus one internal 5.25" bay, see pic) bays
    Two 3.5" bays

    The case is marked with "Kingdom" but the logo can be removed if desired.

    NOTE: The picture is an example only, I have two of these total and I am using one for my carputer. ONLY the case is for sale, dont even bother asking about the LCD, Keyboard, etc..


    Asking price is $30 (not bad when they start at $40 on pricewatch. The case is in NEW condition, never even pulled this one out of the shipping carton. My ebay username is leeburton if you want to see my feedback profile.

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    Just wondering what the practicle application of an internal 5.25 bay is.. I can't really think of anything.. except that you can easily convert it to 3.5 or take advantage of the 5.25 for a hard drive cooler.
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      Ya got me Shinkuno. When they arrived I kinda scratched my head about that too.. no big loss for me however, gives me somewhere to put my hard drive shock mounting.


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        ohhhh but i got one of those big ole 4gig quantum bigfoots..
        the sucker is huge.... it takes one of those big